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Personalised footprint baby milestone cards kit

Personalised footprint baby milestone cards kit

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Add baby safe ink pad?

Our Personalised Footprint Baby Milestone cards are the he perfect way to capture and cherish those precious moments as your little one grows! Designed with love and crafted with care, our kit includes everything you need to create adorable keepsake cards adorned with your baby's tiny footprints for the first year of their life.

Each pack comes with six cards featuring their name, ready to be personalised with your baby's footprints using our safe and easy-to-use ink pad. Whether you're adding each card to their baby book, memory box or framing them as nursery decor, our footprint kit makes it a breeze to create lasting memories that you'll treasure for years to come.

What's included?
6 x A5 cards personalised with their name
- one day old
- one month old
- three months old
- 6 months old
- 9 months old
- one year old
Presented in brown kraft envelope to keep everything together
A baby safe ink pad (if selected)

Our beautifully, thoughtful kit is a must-have for new mums, expecting parents, or anyone searching for the perfect gift for a new arrival. Why buy them a gift that anyone could find them in a supermarket, instead gift the parents something thoughtful that they can't wait to use and will cherish forever.

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What if don't know the birth details?

If you're buying the personalised prints as a gift and don't know all of the birth details then the prints can just be personalised with the name. Just leave the other parts empty.

What is included in the kit?

You will receive 3 copies of your personalised A4 prints (incase the first time doesn't go perfectly)
Optional addition of an ink-less print pad or baby safe ink pad
*There is no frame included in this purchase*

How do I choose between the ink-less print pad and ink pad?

The ink-less print pad can only print a hand or foot up to 8cm. This should be big enough for a baby's hand or foot up to 6 months old. For larger hands or feet we recommend the baby safe ink pad. If you are unsure please measure your baby's hand or foot before selecting your ink pad.

How can I make sure I get a good footprint?

We've put together a blog post filled with advice and step by step instructions for how to get the perfect prints. Read the blog post here

Need help getting your prints?

We've put together our tips and advcie for getting your hand or footprints.

Read the tips here

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