Tips for getting your special hand or foot prints

Tips for getting your special hand or foot prints

Welcoming a new addition to your family is an extraordinary moment filled with love, joy, and countless memories in the making. As parents, we often find ourselves seeking meaningful ways to capture and cherish these precious moments. One of my favourite ways to do this is by capturing their gorgeous little hands and feet! Our personalised baby footprint kit is a simple and beautiful way to preserve those tiny toes and create lasting memories.
In this guide, we'll explore how to use our baby footprint kit to capture and celebrate the arrival of your little one. 

Tips before you start

To get the perfect print we recommend having your partner or a friend around to help get your footprints. With one person holding the baby and the other pressing their hand or foot onto the print.

You know your baby best so make sure you get your prints when they are at their most calm and relaxed. You can often get the best prints of newborn babies while they are asleep.

It’s a good idea to practice how you will hold your baby to get the prints. Figure out how you are going to place the hand or foot on the paper smoothly and check that everyone is in the best position.

Make sure you place the print on a hard surface with no clothing or soft furnishings around.

If using the ink-less print pad, if possible get someone to hold the print pad in place while you press your baby‘s foot down to avoid smudging.

 baby handprint kit nursery decor - paper and wool

Step by step guide

1. Decide where you’d like your hand or foot prints to be placed on the print.

2. Make sure your baby’s hand or foot is clean and dry

3. Getting your print:

Ink-less print pad - place the ink-less print pad on the paper in the desired place for your print. Gently but firmly press the hand or foot (make sure to press the fingers or toes too) onto the pad then lift directly up. Each print pad can be re-used around 4-5 times before the ink fades.

Baby safe ink pad - Gently press the baby’s hand or foot onto the ink pad ensuring ink is on all parts that you want to be printed. Then straight away press the hand or foot onto the designated area on your personalised print. Gently but firmly press the hand or foot (make sure to press the fingers or toes too) onto the print then lift directly up.

4. If using the ink pad, rinse the baby’s hand or foot with warm water or baby wipes. The ink-less print pad will not leave any ink on your baby.

Allow the footprints to dry completely before handling or displaying them. Avoid touching the footprints while they dry to prevent smudging or smearing.

You may not get a perfect print first time, which is why we supply 3 prints with your kit just incase!

footprint kit - paper and wool

Once dry, your baby's footprints are ready to be displayed and cherished. Frame your print or even incorporate it into a scrapbook. No matter how you choose to showcase them, these tiny footprints will serve as a beautiful reminder of those early days with your baby that you can look back on in years to come and wonder how they were ever that small!

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