Who doesn't love a handmade gift? It's what my business was inspired by and what I've always loved to do! And if you're like me and Mother's Day just hasn't crossed your mind until 5 days before then this little craft to make with the kids is perfect.

P.S - Those eggs from the egg box you use will make some great pancakes for breakfast in bed on Mother's day 😉

What will you need?
- An old egg box (one of these should always be kept in your craft box, not only for it's endless possibilities for making but they also make perfect paint trays!)
- Washable paints
- A paint brush
- Scissors
- Pipe cleaners or straws


mothers day flower craft for kids - what you need

For this project you're going to need the taller pointed parts of the egg box. Carefully cut around the base of each point, a lot of egg boxes have a curved shape to them so you can easily follow the natural shape to create the petals.

mothers day flower craft for kids   mothers day flower craft for kids   mothers day flower craft for kids
 Once you have cut the petal shapes, gently pull them out to create more of an open flower. Now it's time to get the little ones involved! Depending on their age they could be beautifully neat flowers or a bit of a mash up of colours, but that's what makes them unique! My 1 year old hasn't quite mastered his painting skills yet but he loved just dabbing the paint on there. 
mothers day flower craft for kids
Once the paint is dry it's time to add the stems. Luckily my egg box already has some handy holes in the bottom but if yours don't then just poke a pencil gently through the bottom of the flower to create a little hole for your pipe cleaners.
Feed a pipe cleaner through the hole and fold it over a few times so that it can no longer fit back through the hole.
And that's it, you're done! Pretty easy right? And they look so cute popped in a little vase or bottle (handy tip - your old reed diffuser bottles work perfectly for mini vases, just give them a good rinse with soapy water and they're good to go). Any mum or grandma would love to receive this little handmade gift on Mother's Day, or even for their birthday, and if they're a sentimental old fool like me then they'll be keeping them on display far longer than a bunch of flowers from the petrol station!
mothers day flower craft for kids
You could also add a little label on the stems with a cute message! 
mothers day flower craft for kids
And if you're reeeally last minute and need a little extra gift then download our free mother's day tokens here. Perfect to print at home and pop in her card for some extra treats!
mothers day tokens paper and wool
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mothers day flower craft for kids
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